Go! PEET Dryer

Price: $ 29.99
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Go! PEET Dryer

The Go! PEET® Dryer removes wet and sweat from footwear,
when you’re on the go!

If you enjoy PEET Dry comfort at home, why not take it with you when you
travel! While the Go! PEET Dryer is small in size for easy packing, it
packs a whole lot of drying power.

PEET UV: Ultraviolet (UV) light
technology built into the Go! PEET Dryer helps eliminate bacteria and
other contaminants that cause odor, skin irritation and deterioration of
materials. As contaminants come in contact with UV light, they are
“neutralized” by it. Harmless to humans, this technology in the Go!
PEET Dryer makes it a mighty handy little traveling companion that benefits
your health, as well as your comfort.

PEET Safe: The Go! PEET
Dryer incorporates Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating technology.
PTC heating elements are small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature
capabilities. PTC stones warm up quickly, but their temperature plateaus once
the pre-defined reference temperature is reached.

PEET Choice: The Go! PEET Dryer comes with two
power adapters — one for standard wall outlets, plus one that plugs into the
power socket in your automobile, RV or boat.

Go! PEET Dryer Benefits:

  • Effectively dries and warms
    all types of athletic footwear; work, sport and hiking boots; dress and
    casual shoes—even ski boots and skates
  • Uses UV light radiation to
    eliminate contaminates like bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause odor
    and deteriorate footwear
  • Extends the life of footwear
    and gear
  • Is ideal for all types of
    materials including leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics,
    cloth, fleece, felt, micro and all modern fabrics
  • Will never overheat, because
    it’s built with PTC temperature-regulating technology
  • Includes adapters for both
    household and vehicle use
  • Comes with a convenient PEET
    Pouch for travel
  • Assures safe, silent operation

Warranty: 2 years
Power: 30 watts, 110-120 volt U.S. household current; 12 volt vehicle
UL-approved transformer