Price: $ 23.99




Footwear Dryer

The MaxxDrySD™ is a safe, simple, overnight way to dry
footwear! Using thermal convection – naturally rising warm air – the MaxxDrySD™
removes dampness, perspiration and odor from all types of shoes or boots. Warm
air gradually rises to dry rain soaked shoes or hard to dry boots harmlessly.
Overnight! Using just minimal watts, the MaxxDrySD™ is a cost- effective
economically friendly tool for daily use to dry or warm footwear. Because the
MaxxDrySD™ slowly dries there’s no fear of shrinkage or stiffness and no need
to remove boots or shoes promptly. You can even safely store boots or shoes
right on the unit until ready to use again. The MaxxDrySD™ “Simple Dry” is
totally uncomplicated – just plug it in! Whether you work outdoors or encounter
the soccer nation we believe your family deserves to start each day with dry,
comfortable footwear. And, a dry comfortable shoe is a healthy choice. The
MaxxDrySD™ carries a 30 year warranty against defective materials or


Eliminates odors caused by perspiration and

Removes contaminants like viruses and mold that
can cause skin irritation and deterioration of material

Extends the life of footwear and gear

Is ideal for all types of material including
leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro
and all modern fabrics

Gentle, thermal convection is safe and silent