GoCool The First Reliable, Eco Friendly, Zero Exhaust Emissions, Portable Air Conditioner!

Price: $ 495.99

GoCool The First Reliable, Eco Friendly, Zero Exhaust Emissions, Portable Air Conditioner!
Go Cool is a portable air conditioner unlike any other.  Using Ice and water, this amazing unit cools, dehumidifies and filters the air of virtually any enclosed space.   Designed from the ground up for portability, ease of use and years of reliable service; Go Cool is your answer to cooling off Anywhere!
We have been able to provide all of the benefits of true Air Conditioning, in a compact and totally portable unit which gives off No Exhaust!  Simply fill with Ice & Water, plug it in to any AC or DC power source and you have hours of cooling instantly at your fingertips.
Trucking never looked so Green
Go Cool cools, dehumidifies and filters the air in your cab. 
Powered from any AC or DC power source and only drawing 1.6 amps, you can rest assured Go Cool won't reduce your cranking power when it’s time to hit the road. Included with Go Cool is a 6 foot drainage hose for draining in place and the AC/DC power cords you will need to plug it in.

Less Fuel, More Profits
According to the Department of Transportation, an engine can consume 1 gallon of diesel per hour idling.  Up to 50% of engine maintenance is due to idling.  Reduced idling time will help prevent engine build-up.  Go Cool provides air conditioning without idling, resulting in less emissions for the environment and increased profits for drivers and fleets. Each hour with Go Cool running, decreases engine build-up, maintenance costs and fuel costs.
Less Emissions, Better Planet

Anti-idling laws were passed to address the issue of toxic emissions, but have resulted in tickets and fines for truckers trying to stay cool in the summer heat.  A hot, humid truck cab results in poor sleep quality and fatigued drivers on the roads.  Using a Go Cool during down time and rest periods saves money and improves rest.

Benefits & Features
•    Uses ice and water
•    12v dc , 120v ac or battery pack(battery pack not included)
•    Adjustable thermostat & fan speed
•    Draws less than two amps
•    17.3" W x 20" L x 24" H
•    Includes 6 feet of drainage tubing and two power cords - electrical & vehicle lighter
•    Holds 4 one gallon jugs, 9 two liter bottles, or 40 lbs. of bagged iced
•    Optional filters
•    Rechargeable battery pack and dust & allergy filters available (not included).

Go Cool is an American made, portable air conditioner, featuring:
True AC technology Dehumidifies - removing moisture from the air.   
Optional allergen, dust and bio-pathogen filters for healthy breathing
Drain-in-place functionality, using included drain hose or regular garden hose
Works with bagged or block ice, frozen jugs, bottles or gel-packs
Eco Friendly For The Environment

Go Cool works without chemicals, using ice water as its coolant and with no need for
a heavy, power-hungry compressor.  In fact, Go Cool is one of the most efficient,
"green" air conditioners on the planet.  In addition, we've manufactured Go Cool from
the highest-quality, recyclable materials, utilizing the skills of American workers across 9 states.

Small & Portable, Easy To Transport
We designed Go Cool from the ground up to be a personal cooling device like no other.
Not only does it provide all of the benefits of True Air Conditioning, but it does it in a
compact, truly portable design.

With Go Cool, you can go anywhere, do anything and have cooling right
at your fingertips.    

Who is it for?
Go Cool was initially designed to cool its inventor’s fishing boat. Russell Martello, was given an ultimatum by his wife… Cool the boat, or go fishing alone.
Go Cool was born from initiative and creativity. Our customers come from all walks of life, and their uses for Go Cool are just as diverse.
From the sleeping cabin of a long haul truck, to the cockpit of a plane on the hot summer tarmac, Go Cool was designed to go anywhere relief from heat is needed.