Queen - Heated Mattress Pad - Dual Controls by Electrowarmth (Bed Warmer) - 60" x 80" Made in USA

Price: $ 176.50
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Free Shipping. Go Green! Now, with our Electro Warmth Queen - Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad (Bed Warmer) 60" x 80" , you can turn down your thermostat and stay cozy warm all night long! They pay for themselves within one year in home heating cost savings. The bed warmer easily slips over your mattress just like a fitted sheet and goes beneath your bottom sheet so you sleep right on it.  It is great for preheating a bed in a cold room. You can use it all night when you are cold or sick. The bed warmer is much more energy efficient than an electric blanket because of the ability to hold in the heat that rises from below. The heating wires used in our bed warmers are held inside the quilted seams of the pad for uniform distribution of heat and are virtually undetectable when you are sleeping. Radiant heat from below relaxes tired back and legs, and induces deep, restful sleep all night. It drives dampness out of your bedding keeping you warm and cozy. The Electro Warmth Comfort Control has ten settings for selecting the heat that is just right for you. On dual control models, each person may select the temperature they want on their side of the bed, this aspect of the bed warmer eliminates the pile of blankets in between two people sleeping in the bed. One person is always pulling blankets on while the other is throwing them off. Whenever you get cool while sleeping just reach over and turn on your bed warmer. Electro warmth bed warmers provide the highest quality construction for durability; many have lasted over 30 years. 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

  •     Energy Efficient
  •     Pre-warms the bed, dries out dampness
  •     115 V
  •     Quiet operation
  •     Consistent and even heat distribution
  •     Ten hour auto shut off
  •     Quality construction and durability
  •     Machine washable on a gentle cycle
  •     30 day money back guarantee
  •     One Year Warranty