Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool

Price: $ 649.99
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Shrinkfast 998 Heat Tool Kit

Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun is lightweight at just 2 pounds 2 ounces.

It's ergonomic design permits extended use without discomfort, as it is
perfectly balanced and features a cool combustor for operator comfort.

Shrinkfast 998 propane powered heat tool.  245,000 BTU's.

Shrinkfast 998 has an adjustable power of 134,000 BTU at 15psi
to 212,000 BTU at 30psi. Wide even heat pattern, up to 18" in a single
pass. Has adjustable combuster orientation with quick disconnect for
extension use.

Kit comes with 25' propane hose, adjustable regulator, wrench for
tightening fittings, training DVD, written instructions and metal
carrying case.  Optional extensions are available.

Great for shrink wrap jobs and other tasks that call for a heat gun.

· Propane Fired

· Full one year factory warranty

· Made in the USA

· Factory reconditioning service available

SHRINKFAST Improvements

· Wide even heat pattern-up to 18" in a single pass.

· Adjustable combustor orientation by depressing a single button.

· Quick disconnect combustor for easy extension use.

Propane and Tank NOT included.

The Shrinkfast 998 kit includes:

  • 25 foot hose
  • Adjustable regulator
  • Wrench for hose fittings
  • Metal Case