Tideminders™—Roll With the Flow

Price: $ 49.50
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The Tideminders™ system for controlling dock/mooring lines in tidal or choppy waters is simply amazing. This inexpensive string of floating polyethylene “pearls” protects lines up to 1” against fouling and chafing—they roll up and down any size round or square piling, eliminating the need to constantly adjust lines during storms and tidal changes. As the virtually indestructible balls rotate, they offer constant tension with built in shock absorption.

Installation requires no tools! Tie two figure 8 knots to hold the balls in place and you’re ready to use the Tideminders™ system. One package of 9 balls gives you protection on a 12” piling and carries a lifetime guarantee when used as directed.


Cost per Tideminders™ kit is only: $49.50

Available colors Black & White

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